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Virtual Tour

Color shifted photo of two people shopping Wall Play from a tradeshow with green circles radiating from their choice. The words Click and Shop in bottom right hand corner.

A virtual tour of what makes Gold Leaf Design Group special!

Explore a glimpse of our world in a 3-D lifestyle setting which allows you to compare scale, colors, and textures. Most visited collections include our signature Wall Play™, Wall Art, Handmade PapersSocial Media Magnets, and Containers. Be sure to see all of our latest products hereCreate a web account or Login to shop our virtual space.

Tip: Click the Full Screen icon (bottom right) for the best viewing experience.




  • For best viewing, click the full screen icon (bottom right).
  • To exit full screen, use escape on a laptop/ computer.
  • Shop directly from the tour when logged in.
  • Navigate by clicking anywhere on the tour. You do not have to click on the floor circles.
  • Zoom in/ out using your mouse scroll wheel.
  • If using an 'ad blocker' such as Adguard, you may need to disable to view the tour.
  • Turn off/ on product tags bottom, left.