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Outdoor Friendly==Outdoor Friendly

Stainless Steel 10"D Flamed Half Ball

SKU SS9124-10

Outdoor friendly. Created by hand-applying a fire flame directly onto the polished metal. This technique produces unique colors, hue intensities, multi-color spotting and patterns which cannot be controlled. These are not painted and not meant to be a perfect one color. Mother Nature is the boss and we are only the worker. To us, the final appearance imitates antique mirror glass- AND WE LOVE IT! Colors of a room and ceiling can also change the reflected appearance. Cluster multiples to create your own art piece. Stainless steel is not marine-grade, so extra oxidation may occur in salty climates. Keyhole hanger included.

*Each piece is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike and color variations will occur. Measurements are overall exterior dimensions of design*

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