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Handmade Art Paper


Our popular and sustainable papers are formed from recycled fibrous materials such as cardboard, newspaper, sawdust, pineapple fiber, banana fiber and fast-growing sustainable resources including jute, grasses and mulberry. Each individually handmade roll exhibits unique detailed patterns and natural earth tone colors. See how some of our endlessly creative customers are accenting interiors with only one roll.

Handmade Solar Art Paper on a wall in a bedroom in Chicago. Design by Haven Home Staging.

Hanging Handmade Art Paper by Gold Leaf Design Group at BDNY 2022

Shaped and folded handmade Art Paper by Gold Leaf Design Group at BDNY 2022

Two images side by side of Handmade Art paper being used in interior designs. The left image is of a bedroom, the right image is a living room.

Handmade Paper as wall art in an upscale dining room.

Two images. Both show Handmade art paper in frames in living room settings.

Handmade art paper as a divider in a commercial setting.

Two images showing close ups of handmade art paper in use.

Hex handmade art paper in a bedroom.

Two images showing handmade paper in frames.

Handmade paper on a blue wall in a bedroom.

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