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Wall Play™

Swirling monochromatic (blues and whites) Wall Play design on wall in Orthodontics office.

Colorful Wall Play wave design in an office lobby.

Gold Barnacle Wall Play design on wall in a hallway.

Stainless steel Wall Play and Half Orb wall art design above a desk in an office.

Many Gold Seed Wall Play™ wall sculptures making a wave pattern on a cream textured wall behind a bathtub.

Black sculptural Beehive Wall Play™ wall art with tillandsia inserted into some behind a hotel front desk.

Gold and white Square and Pivot Wall Play on black wall in hotel lobby.

Polished Stainless Steel Orb Wall Play design in a residence with blue textured walls. Design and Photo by GLS Design, Inc.

Beehive style Wall Play™ by Gold Leaf Design Group in a kitchen.

Easy to install, mount each Wall Play™ directly to your wall or any surface. A few or en masse, the uses and possibilities are plentiful. See all of our Wall Play™ styles HERE. Custom shapes, sizes and colors are available with minimum order quantity and production time.


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