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Wall Play™

Our valued customers are creative and offer so much inspiration. They help us to see that there are no limitations.

Swirling monochromatic (blues and whites) Wall Play design on wall in Orthodontics office.

Colorful Wall Play wave design in an office lobby.

Gold Barnacle Wall Play design on wall in a hallway.

Stainless steel Wall Play and Half Orb wall art design above a desk in an office.

Many Gold Seed Wall Play™ wall sculptures making a wave pattern on a cream textured wall behind a bathtub.

Stainless Steel Orb Wall Play and Half-Orb Wall art design on a wall in a rec room with blue chairs. Design and Photo by Est Est.

Black sculptural Beehive Wall Play™ wall art with tillandsia inserted into some behind a hotel front desk.

Gold and white Square and Pivot Wall Play on black wall in hotel lobby.

Polished Stainless Steel Orb Wall Play design in a residence with blue textured walls. Design and Photo by GLS Design, Inc.

Beehive style Wall Play™ by Gold Leaf Design Group in a kitchen.

Easy to install, mount each Wall Play™ directly to your wall or any surface. A few or en masse, the uses and possibilities are plentiful. See all of our Wall Play™ styles HERE. Custom shapes, sizes and colors are available with minimum order quantity and production time.


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