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Our Story

Creativity Comes Naturally™

It really all began in the deep South. College was completed, ornamental horticulture/ botany/ landscape architecture/ art awards were received, years of apprenticing around the US was coming to an end, and it was only the beginning.

From a small Chicago apartment in 1994, our company was born. Our name took thought, but finally became clear--

Gold = everyone likes the color and meaning
Leaf = we are nature lovers
= our quest
Group = like-minded creating together

Soon after, we made our debut at our first industry tradeshow which presented us a best booth award. Unlike now, not everyone understood what we were selling; but "our display was beautiful". We were on the forefront of a new approach offering a variety of lifestyle products instead of only one product range. We wanted to do it all.

We connected with craftspeople who understood our vision and knew that we could create our own products instead of 'buying off of the shelf'. Our sense of design and creating trends were admired and sought by our peers. Winning a variety of awards and serving on numerous industry and community organizations continues to show us that we can always do better. It is a privilege to have worked with foreign trade councils, USAID, and Aid To Artisans on projects in remote communities throughout Latin America and Asia.

Thirty years later, our company is still excited with design challenges. Many miles and years have been invested in tradeshows, showrooms and traveling the world to learn and build lasting relationships. Out of PASSION to create and the DESIRE to bring smiles to happy customers, we DEDICATE ourselves to thrive and grow. Thank you for your role in our success.