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Wall Play™ Styles

White organic wall sculptures on a green wall with words Wall Play at the bottom.

The original Wall Play™ is a Gold Leaf Design Group trademarked palette of over fifty unique, three-dimensional hybrid components that allow the creation of custom textural art almost anywhere.

For over 18 years, Wall Play™ has proven to be durable in commercial and residential environments. Inexpensive, an installation can involve many individual components or a simple loose clustering of a few. Easy to install, the quantity used doesn’t dictate the overall size of the completed installation. Be adventurous by repeating one shape, combining multiple shapes, clustering, and layering. Creating and enjoying your style is most important. Think outside the box and create your art without borders or frames. There's no incorrect way and it's easy to create your WOW. Custom templates can now be purchased. With your guidance, we will work with you to create a 'to-scale' paper template customized to your site-specific project.

Want us to customize? Changing the color, adding plants or completing a finished design on a custom substrate to your specification is easy for us. Want more info, see our Wall Play Tips page and contact us to get your custom project started. Additional charges apply and production time is needed. Visit our Wall Play Gallery for onsite inspiration.

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