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Wall Play™ Installation Tips

Wall Play™ are inexpensive modular little beauties designed to create a sculptural impact on any surface. Many styles are outdoor friendly, paintable and have utilitarian uses. We have a few suggestions to make it super-simple to express yourself.


Choose the location for your art installation. Think about and plan your pattern. Accent existing artwork or make a stand alone design. Use a few pieces or en masse. Try several tight clusters combined with flowing loose satellite pieces.  Next, easily transfer your design to the wall by using any small self-adhesive note paper such as Post-It® notes. Move the pieces around until you are happy. Remember that there are no mistakes, have fun and PLAY. Your design will be uniquely yours.


Wall Play™ is designed for easy installation. It is safe to install directly into drywall. But, for harder material, we recommend that you pre-drill holes. The softer the material, the smaller the drill bit you will need. Drill your holes through the sticky notes that you have placed. See how our friends at Colonna + Co (Park Ridge, Illinois) personalized their Wall Play™ and easily created their site-specific art installation.


Wall Play™ is not just for vertical surfaces. Add splashes of texture, movement and color almost anywhere. Flow your design onto a ceiling, create a custom sculpture, customize furniture and more. Some styles can even be used outdoors. Have fun and enjoy.

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** Video credit: Colonna + Co in Park Ridge, Illinois