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Green Walls

Made-to-order and manufactured in our Chicago Studio, biophilic nurturing of a space is easy. Display a single green wall element or place multiple green wall panels side-by-side to create a textural botanical wall that will cover a large area. Order from our collection of Green Walls and Botanicals. Visit our inspirational Customer Green Wall Gallery and contact us with your site-specific project. Exterior and interior versions are possible. For over thirty plus years, we have learned that creating a custom design begins and ends with a happy customer.

What makes us the best

  • Adaptive. Understanding that each project has unique requirements, we accommodate to the industry's ever-changing demands.
  • Inventive. Many years of endless research, creating, and adapting various techniques and combinations of media help us to construct cutting-edge and quality.
  • Knowledge. Comprehending and mastering ‘the botanical rules’, shows in every item that we design and manufacture.
  • Quality. Looking great and constructed well is how we live and work. We understand the demands of uncompromising situations and produce for longevity.
  • Creative. Being different from other producers is ultimately important to us.
  • Customizable. Manufactured for versatility, site-specific size, shape, dimension, theme, color, texture, components, and styling are all possible.
  • Production Time. Depending on the size and complexity, we can usually ship within two weeks.
  • Maintenance. Little to no maintenance. A simple periodic dusting is all that is needed without using harsh chemicals or a lot of labor.

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