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WALL PLAY™: A gold leaf design group original

Wall Play™ is a trademarked collection of over fifty unique, three-dimensional hybrid components that can be used to create custom textural art almost anywhere. For over fifteen years, Wall Play™ has proven to be durable in commercial and residential environments. Inexpensive, be adventurous and create your dramatic composition with a few or many, formal or organic, repeating one shape, combining multiple shapes, clustering, and layering. Don't let quantity be an obstacle. The quantity used doesn’t dictate the overall size of the completed installation. It’s easy to create your WOW. Usually in stock and ships quickly, no production time. Think outside the box and create your art without borders or frames.


  • SPECS > Most Wall Play™ components are four inches or less in depth from a flat surface. The stainless steel screw is one inch long.
  • DURABILITY > Wall Play™ is not easy to break and has been used in many commercial settings for over a decade.
  • INSTALLATION > Wall Play™ is easy to install by mounting each directly to your wall or surface. For drywall, simply attach by screwing the entire component into the wall. For hardwood we suggest pre-drilling a pilot hole using a 1/8" drill bit.
  • QUANTITY TO USE> The quantity of Wall Play™ doesn’t dictate the overall size of the completed installation. Your designated installation space can adapt using a few or a larger quantity of Wall Play™ components. It depends on how abundant or minimal you want the final design to be. Formal or organic, repeating one style, combining multiple shapes, clustering, and layering are all choices available to you.
  • SUBSTRATES > Custom substrates can be manufactured in most dimensions and colors in our Chicago studio. We can complete your design and ship to your site, including security hardware. Production time and additional charges apply.
  • CUSTOMIZING > Painting, leafing, edging, adding botanicals to Wall Play™ and custom substrates are completed in our Chicago studio. Production time and additional charges apply.
  • TEMPLATES > Work with one of our team members to create your own customized layout using any style of Wall Play™ or Wall Art. Production time and additional charges apply.
  • OUTDOOR > Many styles are non-porous, impervious to the elements, have no leafing foil with inherent color, and have no surface painting. This collection is also perfect for customizing using your own paints. Some colors could fade with time and stainless steel is not marine grade which could corrode in salty environments (including winter salt use).
  • SUPPORT > Contact We love new ideas and are eager to help.

Black Beehive with Permanent Botanicals
Hotel Alba / Resort Interiors

Create art without limits

The Wall Play™ collection is unique by allowing the creation of customized wall art and wall textures without the need to be contained by frames or borders. The individual styles have the ability to adapt to almost any theme.

“Wall Play is so versatile. I always know that I can create a dramatic feature wall, that will get noticed, in almost any theme.”

– Ellen W.

Custom Copper Finish

Gold Seed

Gold Seed

Go Off the wall

Both decorative and utilitarian, Wall Play™ can be installed almost anywhere. The components can be installed where art traditionally cannot go.

Cubical and Fig with Permanent Botanicals

Coral with String