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WALL PLAY™: A gold leaf design group original

Wall Play™ is a trademarked collection of over fifty unique, three-dimensional hybrid components that can be used to create custom textural art almost anywhere.


  • Used by residential and commercial designers for over 17+ years.
  • Creates art in obscure, uncommon places that usually cannot accommodate traditional framed art.
  • Inexpensive art for large areas. Components can be spread out utilizing negative space.
  • Satisfies ADA regulations. Most styles are under 4 inches.
  • Increases the overall value of a space.
  • Durable and easy to install and maintain.
  • Camouflages unsightly switch plates, plugs, fire alarms, vents, and pipe covers.
  • Seamlessly transitions indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Helps to create and solidify a theme.

Black Beehive with Permanent Botanicals
Hotel Alba / Resort Interiors

Create art without limits

The Wall Play™ collection is unique by allowing the creation of customized wall art and wall textures without the need to be contained by frames or borders. The individual styles have the ability to adapt to almost any theme.

“Wall Play is so versatile. I always know that I can create a dramatic feature wall, that will get noticed, in almost any theme.”

– Ellen W.

Custom Copper Finish

Gold Seed

Gold Seed

Go Off the wall

Both decorative and utilitarian, Wall Play™ can be installed almost anywhere. The components can be installed where art traditionally cannot go.


  • Connects spaces within a room.
  • Adds texture to flat surfaces.
  • Utilizes existing valuable light and shadows unlike flat framed art.
  • Provides an artistic element without being an artist.
  • Boosts artistic confidence and satisfaction.
  • Many choices of colors and shapes to complement most any setting.
  • Many functional utilitarian uses.
  • Can be 'warm & inviting' or 'loud, proud, look at me'.

Cubical and Fig with Permanent Botanicals

Coral with String

Wall Play™ is Good Business.

  • Created by an established small US business that loves to create for others.
  • Most styles are well stocked.
  • Quick shipping from the Central US.
  • Easy and quick completion of your art project.
  • There are no high minimums.