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Combining Your Wall Play™

Easy to install, be adventurous by combining multiple shapes and colors, clustering, and layering. Create more interest, depth, and texture. Most important, enjoy your style.

Organic Mix

small sculptures. large impact.

The quantity of Wall Play™ doesn’t dictate the overall size of the completed installation. Your designated space can adapt using a few or a larger quantity of components. Work with negative space to increase the overall dimensions of your design and to help stop unwanted repetition. It depends on how abundant or minimal you want the final design to be. Formal or organic, there are many choices available to you.

Popular Wall Play™ combinations include:
• Coral, Radica, Crystal & Parasol
• Fig & Cubical
• Trio, Seed & Full Moon
• Lichen, Derma & Daffodil
• Cactus & Seed
• Plane & Orb
• Organic & Full Moon
• Seed & Full Moon

Orb Wall Play™ with Half Orb Wall Art

Seed & Cactus

Daffodil, Lichen & Derma

Crystal, Cactus & Seed

Create your one-of-a-kind art piece with over 50 styles

Wall Play styles 2022