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mix & match your Wall Play™

Mixing shapes and colors have the ability to make your unqiue design more interesting, more textured, increased depth and tailored to your personality.

Organic Mix

small sculptures. large impact.

Wall Play™ is interesting when clusters and singles are organically spread across your planned space. Work with negative space to increase the overall dimensions of your design and to help stop unwanted repetition.

Popular Wall Play™ combinations include:
• Radica, Coral & Crystal
• Fig & Cubical
• Trio, Seed & Parasol
• Lichen, Derma & Daffodil
• Seed & Cactus
• Plane & Orb
• Full Moon & Organic

Orb Wall Play™ with Half Orb Wall Art

Seed & Cactus

Daffodil, Lichen & Derma

Crystal, Cactus & Seed

So Many styles to choose from!

Wall Play styles 2022