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Green Walls

  • We know and love what we do.
  • We don't skimp.
  • We don't use inferior components.
  • We don't use fake but permanent botanicals!
  • We have the eye to create as if naturally growing.
  • We customize.
  • We know how to manufacture to last.

Green moss strips in exercise room.

Close up of anthropomorphic moss green wall Logo on a white wall in a yoga studio.

Two images showing a moss logo green wall in a hallway.

Architectural rendering of patchwork Green Wall design in a hotel lobby with exposed wooden beams.

Overhead view of patchwork Green Wall design.

Two large green walls and a fireplace on a stone wall in a hotel lobby.

Green Walls made with gridded metal framework on a white wall behind a desk.

A green wall shaped like California with a large room beyond. A words sculpture saying "you are here" points towards Green Wall.

Two images of a green wall in a very active and colorful apartment lobby.

Pixelated Green Wall at The Retreat at Almeda, angled view.

Architect rendering and close up of Pixelated Green Wall.

Pixelated Green Wall at The Retreat at Almeda, front view.

Moss Discs. Made-to-order in small/medium and extra large sizes. Custom sizes available.

We are always investigating new technology and creating better vertical wall gardens. For inspiration, check out Our Collection. Email one of our Design Project Managers or fill out our Quote Request form to start talking about your project.


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