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Upload Your Sales Tax / Resale Certificate

Gold Leaf Design Group offers wholesale prices to all of our business customers. Additionally, if you are purchasing our products for resale, you may be eligible for a sales tax exemption. To receive an exemption, you must have a State Sale and Use Tax Permit, or Resale Certificate. You can upload a copy of your certificate using our verification wizard.


  • We review submissions manually. You will be notified if more information is necessary.
  • Sales tax is determined based on the shipping destination of each order.
  • If you are shipping to multiple states, please upload a certificate for each state where you are requesting an exemption.
  • Your web order may still show sales tax. It will be manually adjusted on your final invoice.
  • If you were directed to this page due to issues with your original upload, please supply the information requested in the email containing the link to this page.