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Social Media Magnets

We do not underestimate the value of creating a 'LOOK AT ME' moment. Our customers communicate a thought and then we run wild with it. We have produced many magnetic designs over the years that turn a head, make a smile, and document a branding experience.

Two images side by side. Left side shows woman posing with large heart sculpture with magnets in graphic. Right side are two children posing in front of large heart sculpture.

Instagram post showing a stack of orange ducks in a pile in a clothing store retail store display.

Three instagram posts with people posing in front large heart sculpture. One post with a coffee drink being offered to a yellow duck sculpture.

Person posing with a blue bulldog sculpture at a Gold Leaf Design Group tradeshow display.

Three instagram posts showing people posing with a large wood ring sculpture.

Instagram post showing white duck sculpture next to a pool.

Three instagram posts showing people posing in front of a large Heart sculpture.

Two women sitting on large white fiberglass scuptures (a duck and a bulldog) at a Gold Leaf Design Group tradeshow display.


See our collection of Social Magnets or email one of our Design Project Managers or fill out our Quote Request form to start talking about your site-specific needs. We can customize existing designs or make something completely new for you.


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