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Air Plants on Wire Crystals Set/ 3

SKU HY1490-3

Create your own refreshing green wall or table sculpture, no hanger included or needed, showcasing an air plant mix suspended on our popular three-dimensional Wire Crystal Set. Also, see our Air Plants on Wire Cubes. The set of 3 is made from clear coated natural wire with natural brass welds which offer a sparkle of color. Display the pieces individually or attach the dimensional shapes together with the two bendable wires that are attached to each shape. Multiple sets can be combined for a larger sculpture. Numerous options are possible. Give us the details for your custom creation. We will substitute components if any are out of stock at time of purchase giving the same overall appearance. Indoor only.

Get inspired. Visit our Green Wall gallery.

*Each piece is handcrafted, no two are exactly alike and variations will occur including all components. Production times may vary due to quantities ordered and current schedule. Measurements are overall dimensions of design*

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