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Handmade Paper Remnant, 'Curva Ellipse' ~68"L x 15"W

SKU PR8617-68

Traditional Japanese paper making techniques are combined with contemporary earth-conscious materials to create this handmade art paper remnant. Each double-sided remnant is made of recycled materials such as pineapple and banana fiber, cardboard, newspaper, sawdust, and fast-growing sustainable resources such as jute, grasses, and mulberry. The trendy natural textures and patterns do not disappoint. Weight of this item is an estimated average as each piece is different. Indoor only. See all styles of handmade paper. Sample swatch booklets available.

Remnants vary with exact pattern, size, and cut. Easy to manipulate and strong, some uses include: tack to your wall as is, cut it, frame it, paint it, glue it, display under a glass table, room divider, headboard, and around lightshades (not fire or flame retardant).

*Each paper is handcrafted with intended uneven and frayed edges, no two are exactly alike and variations will occur. Papers are rolled during shipping and require time to relax. Measurements are overall dimensions*

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